Hi there, my name is Sven and I am a Microsoft 365 enthusiast!

I work as a consultant with a strong focus on making modern work possible with Microsoft 365 Apps and Services. The apps I focus on the most are Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Loop, and parts of the Power Platform. Besides the tech aspects of this challenge, the changes people and organizations have to cope with in order to adapt and use the solution in the best possible way also count to my favorite topics. A good way to achieve this, in my opinion, is to create added value in all areas of the organization through the new possibilities and, in doing so, to make the future of modern working a hands-on experience for all employees. My bachelor’s degree in business administration and my experience in this field give me the necessary knowledge of how the divisions and departments of the organizations work and which problems often exist in their context.

Since my first visit at the Collaboration Summit in Wiesbaden I fell in love with the Microsoft community and started to cultivate this blog. You will also find me at events as a participant and as a speaker. From time to time you will find my postings in the tech community or you can watch webinars with me as a guest! In 2020 I joined the AvePoint Community Champions delivering webinars, blog posts, and more!

Some highlights I´d love to point out are the ebooks Matt Wade, AvePoint, and I created together in the last couple of months. With “Rockstar Meetings in Microsoft Teams” we created a guide for end-users to achieve better meetings in Teams. With the following Teams etiquette guide “Everyday Etiquette in Microsoft Teams” we offered a similar guide for every other task within Microsoft Teams. Both ebooks have been downloaded several thousand times worldwide and read even more frequently online!

In 2021 I co-authored the book “Teach yourself Visually Microsoft Teams” together with Matt Wade from the USA and we combined all areas of Microsoft Teams in this one-stop-shop for working with Microsoft Teams.

Please feel free to share feedback and ask questions at any time!

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