Hi there, my name is Sven and I am a Microsoft Teams enthusiast!

I work as a consultant for Bright Skies a company based in Hamburg, Germany. In my daily work I mainly focus on Microsoft Teams and the changes people and organizations have to cope with in order to accept and use the solution in the best possible way.

Besides my work as a consultant, I study on weekends for my Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration.

Since my first visit at the Collaboration Summit in Wiesbaden I fell in love with the Microsoft community and started to cultivate this blog. You will also find me at events as a participant (and hopefully in the near future as a speaker). From time to time you will find my postings in the tech community or you can watch webinars with me as a guest!

I love to help companies to achieve more with Office 365 products and evolving processes internal and external. I am mainly focusing on Microsoft Teams and the change people need to overcome to adopt and embrace this solution. As you can imagine Microsoft Teams is, therefore, the focus of this blog too. Trying to help admins and users to get the most of their Microsoft Teams experience. Besides these things, there are going to be some other Office 365 topics I will write about from time to time. Not to forget some recaps of the events I am attending.

Please feel free to share feedback and ask questions at any time!

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