Outlook on the web news!

Outlook on the web gets some worthwhile features again! While many people still work in the classic client, some have already realized how valuable the smart little features of the online world can be! With the latest updates, Outlook on the web gets a few standard features that you might have missed already, which makes the changeover even easier. I have summarized the functions, and in the end, I have linked to my manual and other reasons for Outlook on the web.

Adding personal calendars

Starting in May, users will be able to add personal calendars to their Office 365 OWA experience. This is a really handy feature in case you have to arrange meetings and time with different accounts!

Suggested text answers / Suggested replies

If your tenant lives in North America, you can use text suggestions when writing e-mails from May on. I did not have the chance to test or see this feature yet but I will update this post once I could find more information.

There is also a new announcement introducing French and Italian language support for suggested replies for customers in Europe. Those replies are pretty much the same as we now them from LinkedIn!

Send later

If you want to fake late night work you will now be able to do so with Outlook on the web too! Just kidding! 😄

Admittedly it’s more of a basic function, but that’s why it’s worth mentioning: the “send later” function will be rolled out for Outlook on the web in May!

Once implemented you will find a drop down menu beside your send button when writing a new mail.

End Meetings early

Are you currently jumping from one meeting to the next? I have heard from many people that this function should help to avoid exactly that. “End appointments early” helps to automatically cut off a few minutes at the end of the meeting to have a little more time for preparation and follow-up between meetings. Also, this function will be added to Outlook on the web in May! I haven’t used it yet, but I’ll have a look at it now!

You will find this setting in the Outlook on the web seetings > calendar > Events and invitations. If it is not there yet don`t panic – it is still rolling out.

Try it out!

As you can see, there is a lot going on in the Outlook on the web world. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should really have a look! The installation as a Web App gets rid of the browser interface, and you have the feeling to work in Outlook – just better!

Click here for my instructions and some nice features you can use online! 

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